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Welcome to our Events page. Stop by often to check out current events... and please follow our Instagram and Facebook posts for more news.

Current & Upcoming Events

Rainbow Body Matrix | 40 Days of Gratitude

40 Days Of Gratitude // Spring Ritual for 2022

March 31 – May 9, 2022

Free offering! Let us nourish each other as we enter the season of Spring with this practice: 40 Days of Gratitude — Spring Ritual for 2022. We begin March 31st on the New Moon and end May 9th.

You can follow and join our journey on Facebook and/or Instagram. Feel free to comment, tag and share your own experience with this practice of gratitude each day.

Rainbow Body Matrix | Dancing With The Moon

Dancing with the Moon // Full Moon Gathering

Date: April 14th, 2022
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Mar Vista, CA ~ Please RSVP on the Join us page contact form for the address.
Cost: $25

Join Vida Vierra and Dani Lunn for Dancing with the Moon — Our monthly Full Moon gathering. Aligning with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos, we will enter the portal of the lunar cycle, moving with the incredible healing energies of the Cosmic Grandmother to transmute and transform ourselves. With our personal and collective intentions, we will engage and be informed by receiving the blessings of working in alignment with the cosmic flow. Journey with us as we reflect and witness around the fire under the night sky. It's time to commune! Please bring a cushion, journal and a wrap for warmth, as we will be outdoors.

Rainbow Body Matrix | Perfume of the Witch

Perfume of the Witch // The Art of Spiritual Perfumery and Scent Activation

Class 1, Saturday, April 2, 2022
Class 2, Saturday May 14, 2022
Class 3, Saturday June 4, 2022
Price: $275 (includes material fees)
Register now at

Fragrance creation as a magical art is one the most powerful resources in a Bruja’s tool kit. From recalling forgotten memories, to stimulating and reinvigorating our bodies, to the magnetic draw of a lover’s pheromones, scent can bypass our conscious awareness and speak to the deepest parts of ourselves. As we are entering a new phase of our lives and processing the devastations of the last several years, we are looking for medicines to activate and catalyze the inner healing and transformation for our reemergence.

About the Series:

This offering is a collaboration between Lou Florez and Dani Lunn that investigates the intersections of perfumery and medicine making through the spirit of place and time. We will lead an interactive learning experience for participants to create an activating perfume that blesses and enchants. Drawing from the botanicals found in Los Angeles during our class, we will explore the material from the perspectives of ecology, herbalism, witchcraft, and fragrance. Employing techniques such as deep listening, sound and vibratory activations, and ceremony we will bring our perfumes to life and learn how to engage them in our spiritual practices and disciplines.

Activities include:

• Learning how to wake up the Spirit of a plant
• Creating a Bruja’s Tincture
• Wild Crafting Botanicals
• Embodiment Experiences
• Vibrational Harmonics
• Adventures at the LA Flower Market

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