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Rainbow Body Matrix | Why Gratitude?

Why Gratitude?

It's much easier to come up with "I am grateful for..." when life is going relatively smoothly. Perhaps 2020 until today in 2022, our day runs the gambit of "getting through it" to varying degrees of nightmarish scenarios (and it is far from over). Surprisingly, a practice of gratitude may be the antidote that can help us gain greater perspective. Cultivating a field of gratitude might actually open a door and unexpectedly bring us deeper insight, coherence and healing. By each one of us sharing our own innate wisdom contained within the heart, we may have some amazing ”aha” moments that can serve the greater good.

Each one of us is having a transfiguring experience during this remarkable time in history, albeit through different lenses. The great paradigm shift that the indigenous world has expressed, is happening no matter how conscious we are about it. With social, ecological, cultural, racial injustices, pandemic, familial, political challenges abounding, we face radical change at hyper speed. It is important to remember that we, all of humanity, all species, all sentient life are interconnected. Our thoughts, our words and our actions do matter. Not to be accused of spiritually bypassing, expressing gratitude can be the good medicine and nourishment that is needed.

As we go through our collective dark night of the soul together, we are called to rise beyond what we have known in our lived experience, into uncharted waters to confront the greatest obstacles facing humanity. Here we are being asked to respond and meet our dharma.

We are inviting you all to join us for a Rainbow Body Matrix 40 day commitment, to express and amplify Gratitude in whatever way you feel is authentic. It can be an intention, a word, movement, a poem, a photo, artwork, anything you wish to voice. Each day, reflect upon the heart and ask “What am I grateful for?” Let's inspire each other to feed the Mind-Body & Soul with our answers. Personally, we have found this practice to be so beneficial. 

Let us nourish each other as we enter the season of Spring with this practice: 40 Days of Gratitude - Spring Ritual for 2022. We begin March 31st on the New Moon and end May 9th. 

You can follow and join the journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to comment and share your own experience with this practice of gratitude each day. 

With much Love and always gratitude,
Vida and Dani

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