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Rainbow Body Matrix Co-Creator Vida Vierra

Vida Vierra

Vida is an Ordained Minister, Energy Healing Facilitator, Sacred Arts Performer of voice and Afro Brazilian dance, certified instructor of Qi-Gong, Sacred Activist, former director of Swing Brazil Dance and co-creator of Rainbow Body Matrix.

Her life’s work was put into motion with a near death experience in her teens during a severe illness. That incident prompted her quest to find and understand the deeper meaning of life through exploring Higher Consciousness. This Journey brought her to explore meditation and contemplative life within an Ashram.

While pursuing her professional life, Vida moved onward to The Healing Light Center after yet another near death experience. It was at HLC, whose director was Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, that further studies into the mysteries of healing were developed.

Her journey took a more definitive turn with the study of Natural Healing Science of the Dagara People within the context of a direct apprenticeship with the African Shaman, Titioulo Elie Hien from Burkino Faso. Many more blessings proceeded with the good fortune of studies with esteemed healing masters of the world’s sacred traditions that included Tibet, India and the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Another prominent transmission was the completion of certifications in Qi Gong healing with Master Hong Lui.

Most noteworthy is her current ongoing relationship with the teachings of sacred movement of the Candomlbé tradition from Salvador, Bahia,Brazil which was initiated by her first dance teacher and Umbanda Priest, Max Jr. from Rio De Janeiro. These teachings metabolized into a spiritual movement practice. Vida currently receives further guidance from her spiritual godmother, Iyalorixá Mainha da Bahia, spiritual leader of Ilé Axé Ewewe Uwra.

The road of inquiry has continued after rigorous training and brought forth numerous years of personal development, all the while maintaining and balancing family life with the responsibilities of work. With the blessings of her teachers, Vida has integrated and synthesized her own body of work, rooted in fifty plus years of lived experience, that is now contained within the Rainbow Body Matrix.

Vida has been in residence at Electric Lodge in Venice, California, for over twenty four years, where she leads her weekly Sunday morning healing encounter, Dancing the Rainbow Body. These group sessions build a collective field of energy for participants to experience their own interconnection with nature, embodying the divine within. She leads retreats, workshops and public community rituals as well as personal mentoring sessions.

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