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Rainbow Body Matrix: Offerings

Rainbow Body Matrix offers a synergistic practice foundationally based on the four pillars of Sacred Movement, Sound, Meditation & Activism.

Dancing the Rainbow Body

Honor the Body Temple

With Vida Vierra & Dani Lunn

Sunday sessions: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm 
Electric Lodge — Venice California
Cost: $20 plus donations for drums
As we collectively journey through the physical to the metaphysical, developing our own personal practice, we dance our prayers and commune with divine nature. Through the sacred sounds of the drums, we connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Soul ignited, we encounter the power contained within the rainbow body. Together, we rise.

Rainbow Body Matrix | Sonic Alchemy

Sonic Alchemy

Sounding the Rainbow Body

With Dani Lunn

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Experience whole body resonance with the power of your unique voice. Not one vocal print is the same as another. We come into this world with our first breath and with the sound, we arrive. The voice is the body’s instrument for the soul’s signature and a personal tool for healing. When used with intention and physical expression, manifestation is possible.

Deep Listening

With Dani Lunn

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Deep Listening® is offered by certified facilitator Dani Lunn.

Dani honors the legacy and work pioneered by Pauline Oliveros, offering an experiential and interactive journey into the healing power of creative expression. This listening practice includes sound-making, dreaming and movement explorations through sonic meditations and text scores. This process atunes the senses while expanding greater consciousness and awareness. Individual sessions or a series of workshops of one to three hours in duration are available.
“Deep listening is listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what you are doing. Such intense listening includes the sounds of daily life, of nature, of one’s own thoughts as well as musical sounds. Deep listening is my life practice.” 

— Pauline Oliveros

Rainbow Body Matrix | Dancing With The Moon

Dancing with the Moon

Women’s Mysteries with Vida Vierra & Dani Lunn

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As we enter the domain of women’s mysteries, aligning with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos, we open a portal to deeper communion. Calling on the wisdom of our ancestral mothers, we align with the rhythms of the moon to increase wholeness and restoration.
Vida is available for private consultations and ceremonies.

Rainbow Body Matrix | Rainbow Body Healing

Rainbow Body Healing

A virtual prayer circle facilitated by Vida Vierra.

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Rainbow Body Healing is an online portal for community service through collective prayer, focused on personal and universal requests for support and healing.

This private service provides a secure, confidential platform for requests and support.

All religions and spiritual belief systems are honored.

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