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Rainbow Body Matrix | In Memoriam - Max Jr

In Memoriam — Max Jr.

Max Jr. left us on March 22,1996. He was our beloved teacher, brother and friend. Son of Oxumaré, a true joy maker transforming so many lives with his magic. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 7,1963, Max’s illustrious dance career brought him all over the world. His career was launched at the age of 12. His dream of coming to Los Angeles was fulfilled when he initiated his own passion project, Swing Brazil Dance Company, in 1991. From the beginning, we became deeply involved in every aspect of his life and work. 

Max changed the trajectory of our lives when he placed the care of Swing Brazil into our hands. Max transitioned suddenly due to complications of the AIDS virus. He was only 33 years old when he passed, yet he had gifted the world with so much delight with his short time on Earth. We are forever grateful!

The Dalai Lama suggests that when we are grieving a loved one's loss, we can help mitigate our sorrow while supporting the loved one's journey home, through dedicating actions to help realize their dreams. That is what we did. We kept Swing Brazil growing and thriving for 25 years. Swing Brazil accomplished many beautiful offerings.

We have fulfilled Max’s wish as we now move on with our own destiny with Rainbow Body Matrix. His legacy, influence and memories of Swing Brazil live on! Dearest Max, we know you are dancing in rainbow light within the ancestral realm. Continued axé, peace and blessings!

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