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Join us on a journey to ignite and strengthen our connection to the cosmic force that is contained within each one of us. This immersive practice, rooted within somatic principles and culture making, explores and integrates our relationship between Body, Mind & Spirit. Through the intersection of Movement, Meditation, Music and Ritual, we cultivate the space for self-actualization and communal healing. We hold classes, workshops and events. All levels welcomed.

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“I first witnessed the healing power of Mama Vida during a seaside ceremony for the Afro-Brazilian Goddess Yemoja where we called upon healing for ourselves and the world. I have since danced, participated in moon rituals, and other ceremonies in the safe and healing spaces created by Rainbow Body Matrix. Recently, during my journey with breast cancer, prayers from the Rainbow Body Matrix's online community uplifted my spirit and gave me hope to fight. I am so excited to see Rainbow Body Matrix grow and wish for everyone to experience the love of Mama Vida and Dani as I have.”

~ Iya Alisa Osunfunke Orduna, author of Oshun's Calabash

“When I think about the Rainbow Body Matrix with Vida Vierra and Dani Lunn, what comes up for me is gratitude. Gratitude that they have created a safe container for us to drop in and connect with not only ourselves but with each other and Spirit. How beautiful it is to have a space where we can nourish ourselves and heal ourselves. Together with their guidance we are blessed to have our bodies danced by the Divine Prayers. Each and every time we are held up by nature’s grace. Every drumbeat we are reunited with Mother Earth. As we enter the circle to lay it all down before the drums with love in our hearts and our souls lit with the fire of purpose. Our voices United we shout Asé Ooo!”

~ Blessings and Gratitude
Haize Hawke
Doula, Student-Midwife, Healer
Reiki and BreathWork Practitioner
Haize Hawke Healing Services, Inc.
The Birth Intuit

“As someone who holds space for others, it's important to have my own space into which I can bring all of who I am. Over the past twenty years, I've healed and grown so much inside of the Rainbow Body Matrix container. Vida and Dani have helped me to be more embodied, in tune with my life energy, and able to move in life with the messy confidence that I bring into the dance studio.”

~ Michael Nobleza, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategist

"Vida and Dani have created a beautiful community of dancers. Their Sunday class always kicks the week off to a great start. Through the dance we heal and become empowered. Vida is an amazing spiritual teacher and healer who knows how to stir the pot just right — she has helped me connect with my ancestors and ancestral gifts. I'm very grateful for her wisdom and her diverse knowledge of the sacred."

~ Vicki Iskandar, Author and Principal at

“Rainbow Body Matrix is a treasured community and healing practice, artfully facilitated by Vida Vierra and Dani Lunn with integrity, intention, and intuition, that I have benefitted from for over 20 years. With them, I have danced my prayers to live drums, experienced and integrated important healing rituals, and participated in sacred activism. Most importantly, they have offered tools that have empowered me to heal myself and a ritual to stay attuned to my most authentic and integrated expression.”

~ Miranda Selwyn Bishop,


We dedicate this site in honor of our ancestors and to all of those who are working on behalf of the greater good. To our beloved late great Doug Lunn (husband and father), from our first meeting to your last breath, our trinity is eternal. We carry on your legacy through our work. Forever in our hearts. To our dearest elder, Iyalorixá Mainha Da Bahia. You are truly a blessing for all of us. We bow in respect. Last, but not least, our cherished community who keep us on the path and moving forward. Together, may we continue the magic.

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