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"To bring voice to the soul’s expression through the synergy of sacred movement, sound, meditation, and activism.”

— Rainbow Body Matrix Mission Statement

For more than 25 years, Rainbow Body Matrix has connected with Divine Nature to create community, promote healing, and creativity through Sacred Movement, Sound, Meditation & Activism. Inspired by Afro-Brazilian cosmology, the ancient arts of music and dance, astrology, numerology, ritual, while paying homage to the ancestors, Rainbow Body Matrix is grounded to mother earth and energetically connected to the collective.

In the erratic state of the world today, Rainbow Body Matrix offers members a deeper connection to self, neighbors, and the world, finding purpose through movement, the arts, and the metaphysical. A place to be stronger together than apart. Unearthing passion for use in everyday life. A chance to thrive rather than survive. Providing healing and support to the global community at large. 

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Women's March, January 2017. Video by Ira McAliley.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Vida Vierra, Co-Creator of Rainbow Body Matrix.
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Rainbow Body Matrix | Why Gratitude?

Why Gratitude?

It's much easier to come up with "I am grateful for..." when life is going relatively smoothly. Perhaps 2020 until today in 2022, our day runs the gambit of "getting through it" to varying degrees of nightmarish scenarios (and it is far from over). Surprisingly, a practice of gratitude may be the antidote that can help us gain greater perspective. Cultivating a field of gratitude might actually open a door and unexpectedly bring us deeper insight, coherence and healing. By each one of us sharing our own innate wisdom contained within the heart, we may have some amazing ”aha” moments that can serve the greater good.   Read Full Article...

Rainbow Body Matrix | In Memoriam - Max Jr

In Memoriam — Max Jr.

Max Jr. left us on March 22,1996. He was our beloved teacher, brother and friend. Son of Oxumaré, a true joy maker transforming so many lives with his magic. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 7,1963, Max’s illustrious dance career brought him all over the world. His career was launched at the age of 12. His dream of coming to Los Angeles was fulfilled when he initiated his own passion project, Swing Brazil Dance Company, in 1991. From the beginning, we became deeply involved in every aspect of his life and work.   Read Full Article...

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